Mr. and Mrs. Banda – Founders.

Sylva Foods Solution Limited (SFSL) is a registered agro-processing company in the Republic of Zambia with registration # 38005/108995. It has been operating since 2005 and was incorporated in 2010. The key driver to the establishment of SFSL was to promote the cultivation, processing, marketing and consumption of indigenous Zambian vegetables, both to the local and international consumers. Secondly, the company was established to ensure self-sufficiency in the food supply chain and warrant the access of readily available and affordable nutritious foods among rural and urban populations. This was in response to the rise in lifestyle diseases as a result of poor diet, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. SFSL realized that the answer was in our villages, backyard gardens and the rural areas, simultaneously, and the response to the economic challenges rural dwellers were facing was in the pockets of the urban majority who were eating unhealthily and needed a change in diet. SFSL was established to make that link to improve lives on both the health and economic sectors of the urban and rural dwellers respectively.

SFSL has been providing numerous services to support the horticultural industry. The services include post-harvest training rural and peri-urban small holder farmers in processing of indigenous vegetables, soil preparation, crop marketing and safe farming methods among many.