Sylva Group of Companies


The group is made up of three entities: Sylva Professional Catering Services Limited, Sylva Food Solutions Limited and Sylva University. Each entity operates separately butcontributes to enhance the image of the Group.


Incorporated in 1990 under Zambian law. Specializes in the provision of catering services for weddings, corporate functions, conferences, state functions and others.

Vision: A country that consumes Zambian nutritious traditional foods and drinks.

Mission:  To be the leading catering establishment that offers Zambian traditional food and beverages.

Guiding Philosophy: Being the center of culinary delights, which quest will be facilitated by our dominant core values of integrity, high quality of food products and customer satisfaction, through personalized/organizational-specific service delivery and follow up.

Sylva FOOds Solutions

Established in 2005 with the aim of encouraging the growth and sustaining the processing of Zambian local foods and beverages: pumpkin leaves (Chibwabwa), sweet potato leaves (Kalembula), Black Jack (Kanukha), cassava leaves (Katapa) and moringa. The company operates a food processing factory which produces moringa soup, cereal porridge, moringa tea-bags and orange maize cereal (porridge) for the school feeding programme. Also exports some of the processed foods.

Vision: A nation that promotes the consumption and marketing of nutritious Zambian foods and beverages.

Mission: To be the leading traditional food/drinks marketing organisation in Zambia and beyond.

Guiding Philosophy:  To be the visible proof of the availability of culinary delights in Zambia, market excellence and provision, motivated by Christian centeredness and professional ethics.

Partnering with various social development entities this company has trained over 20, 800 smallholder famers in Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

These activities in Zambia resulted in the production of the Zambian Cook Book,a best seller.

More than 60 local and international awards have been conferred on the company.

Sylva University

A young and dynamic university established in 2014. A center of excellence offering training programmes in Culinary Arts, ICTs, Development Sciences, Tourism and Hospitality Studies.

Also operates a new campus in Ndola, for Competence Based Modular (short)Training courses.

Vision: Creating a brilliant and profitable future for students to take up their positions in national development throughout the Zambian economy.

Mission:Transformation of lives and service in society by educating, creating knowledge and developing the knowledge and skills required and the inculcation of the correct attitude in the students and others that pass through the university.